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Corporate Governance

The dedication and experience of our firm in the area of corporate governance is worthy of special mention.

Our team is lead by Rafael Mateu de Ros one of the most highly respected specialists in the field.

This reputation is due not only to his consistent work in corporate governance matters, but also to his extensive knowledge of legal doctrine, evidenced by numerous legal books and articles over the course of recent years.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance on all facets of a company’s corporate governance, whether listed or unlisted:

Internal Guidelines for Corporate Governance

  • Revision and updating of general guidelines for corporate governance in order to adapt them to the legal reform of good governance practices (Unified Good Governance Code of 2006)
  • Preparation of special guidelines for select matters
  • Conflict-of-interest situations:
    • Treasury stock
    • Privileged information
    • Codes of conduct, etc.

Shareholders and General Shareholders’ Meetings

  • Calling and organisation of the general shareholders’ meetings
  • Shareholders’ right to information
  • Remote voting and electronic representation
  • Public request for representation

Board of Directors and Internal Committees

  • Operating guidelines for the Board of Directors and internal committees.
  • Committee on audit and supervision.
  • Committee on appointments and compensation.
  • Committee on self-evaluation, reports and financial statements.

Board Members and Senior Executives

  • Legal by-laws.
  • Liability insurance (D&O).
  • Typology of board members.
  • Professional training scheme.
  • Notification obligations to company and supervisory bodies.
  • Codes of conduct for board members and senior executives.

Company and Group Policies

  • Corporate policies
  • Definition of the governing structure of the group and relationships with subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Preparation of the annual report on corporate governance
  • Relations with the corporate governance ratings agencies
  • Web page content on corporate governance

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